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Ash Furniture

Ash Furniture

Ash has been used for many years in furniture making. In fact, the word ash comes from an old English word, and was often used to refer to spears made of ash wood. Ash is the fourth commonest tree species in Britain and is strong for its weight but very elastic. As a common craft wood, ash is known for being versatile and has been used to make a number of practical objects - from baseball bats to canoe paddles and cutlery handles. However, there are a few downsides to using ash for furniture, which need to be considered when choosing which furniture is the best for your home.

Oak Furniture and Ash Furniture

Oak furniture and ash furniture are often compared side by side because they are both dense hardwoods which share similar colour variations and hues. However, unlike oak furniture, it is very hard to ensure a truly smooth finish with ash as while is stains and sands well it has very open pores that must be filled. Ash furniture also requires more sanding than other words, which can lead to irreparable scratching across the grain. This is obviously more common when the ash furniture has already been stained a dark colour; so take this in to account if you're looking for dark ash furniture. Ash is also known to be more susceptive to incest attack than oak (as oak as tannins which provide protection), and so ash furniture may be prone to more imperfections and blemishes in the grain than oak furniture, which has relatively little.

Ash Furniture as a Substitute for Oak Furniture

Ash furniture is often used as a substitute for oak, as it is cheaper and more widely available. However, our advice is not to settle for anything less than premium grade solid oak, as you will undoubtedly be disappointed in the long-term. Ash is lighter and less dense than oak furniture, which means it is less durable and not as strong. For long-last quality furniture, you need to demand the best: high quality oak furniture which is built to extremely high standards. Using traditional methods, skilled craftsmen are able to produce a wide range of modern contemporary oak furniture designs, and also more traditionally designed furniture.

Using traditional manufacturing techniques, joiners are able to use the natural strength and durability of the oak wood, and combine it with older techniques, such as the use of dovetail joints to produce long lasting, hard wearing oak furniture. All fixings we used on oak furniture should also be of the highest quality, thus ensuring that your furniture, whether it is for home furnishings or office use, will withstand the rigours of everyday use. If you're still undecided on whether you wish to purchase ash furniture or invest in premium oak furniture, why not head over to one of our stores and take a look at our quality craftsmanship in person? We're sure you'll soon understand our lifelong allegiance to traditionally crafted solid oak furniture.

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