How to Create an Opulent Intimate Dining Room


There is something rather wonderful about having a more formal dining room. It is not about quick meals, rushed and forgotten. It is made for languishing in an intimate atmosphere with sparkling conversation, savouring each bite lovingly prepared and allowing ourselves the time to simply enjoy those we wish to […]

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Romancing The Home

romancing the home blog

Feeling far from head over heels about home? In the spirit of Valentines Day, we’ve put together some affordable updates that are a sure fire way to help you rediscover that spark for your space. We’re all familiar with the phrase “Home is where the heart is” but what if, […]

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Unconventional Gifts for Your Partner


YChocolates, champagne, red roses, cards, dinner for two…maybe a cuddly toy? As clichés for gift-giving go, Valentine’s Day has to be one of the worst days of the year, but we often tend to fall back onto one of these due to lack of time or simply lack of ideas. […]

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TV Cabinet: Giveaway!

Optimized-WIN! (6) (1)

When setting out to buy great quality furniture, it can be difficult to know what to look for. You want to make sure that what you buy not only looks great in your home but also be reassured that what your buying is strong and long lasting. But how do […]

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Bringing Positive Energy into your Home


Argh, it’s only January, it’s cold, it’s (mostly) grey, the parties are over, we feel ever so slightly down and any holiday is very far away… Could things be any bleaker? Really, it’s time to bring in some positive vibes. If we can’t change the weather, month or move to […]

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Best Buys for Your Home this Spring

Rainforest Wallpaper by MINDTHEGAP

With the arrival of Spring comes the itch to decorate and update the home. The longer, brighter days give us more energy, inclination and inspiration to get on with long overdue projects, and add some colour and vibrancy back into our interiors. So, with all that in mind, I’ve put […]

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Refresh Your Home with Pantone’s COTY Greenery

greenery sofa on dark walls with library

Every year when colour giants, Pantone announce their ‘Colour of the Year’, the interior design world is divided. This year, their choice ‘Greenery’ – a light lemony green reminiscent of the early leaves of Spring – had a similar reaction. Some cheered on this delightful hue, emboldened by its subtle […]

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Organising Your Home for 2017


Oh dear, we’re in January. Possibly the cruelest month of the year. All the fun festivities are over, the decorations that made our home sparkle have gone, the happy (and sometimes manic) preparations for the festive seasons are a distant memory… What now? It does seem a little drab and […]

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