YOUR Top Tips For A GREAT Night’s Sleep

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To celebrate World Sleep Day, we recently asked our lovely Oak Furniture Land customers for their top tips for a good night’s sleep. We loved reading all of the answers! Unsurprisingly it turns out you lot are a wonderful bunch full of great advice, so we didn’t want to keep […]

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How To Creatively Style Your Bookshelves

The popular Instagram hashtag #shelfie has, at the time of writing, been used more than 600,000 times. Are we a nation obsessed with our shelves? Perhaps! The moniker, highlighting a perfectly styled shelf or bookcase, has become the newest obsession of the house proud everywhere. And there’s something to be […]

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How NOT To Get A Good Night’s Sleep

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You’ve read all the tips and tricks on how to sleep better, but somehow you’re still not feeling rested. Instead of just looking at what you should be doing right, sometimes it’s helpful to look at what you’re doing wrong. Here’s are some of the worst sleep robbers you should […]

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Sleep Like A Dream On World Sleep Day


According to The National Sleep Council, we spend a third of our lives asleep – it’s a big time investment! But it’s also vitally important to help us stay healthy, happy, and enjoy the other two-thirds of the time we’re awake a bit more. In honour of World Sleep Day, […]

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Top 3 Kitchen Trends For 2017


If you’re thinking of giving your kitchen an overhaul this year, you’ll want to be checking out what’s hot in the world of kitchen design, so I’ve pulled together 3 of my favourite looks to inspire you. Kitchens can be notoriously expensive to replace, but you don’t always have to. […]

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What Makes For A Happy Home?


We all know that houses are made of bricks and mortar (or whatever building material that may have been chosen) but homes are made with so much more. When we surround ourselves with the things we find comfort in, we build for ourselves a place of comfort and security. It […]

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Behind The Scenes: Staff Favourites


You all know that we’re passionate about interior design at Oak Furniture Land. Not only do we create and sell gorgeous hardwood furniture at affordable prices for every home, but we’ve also got a blog chock-a-block full of tips and tricks to improve your home décor. So it won’t surprise […]

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