7 Easy Ways To Make Your Small Bathroom Seem Bigger

If, like me, you are ‘blessed’ with a tiny bathroom in your home, you’ll constantly be looking for ways to help create the illusion that it’s bigger. You’ll want to maximise storage, add detail and interesting features and make it light and bright, all whilst trying to maintain its function and practicality. It’s not always an easy task but I’ve had lots of experience with this over the last decade so thought I’d share some of my tried and tested tip to help and guide you.

#1 Paint

Paint can make a huge difference, and not just the colour but the type of paint too. For small rooms, where light is sometimes an issue consider investing in some light reflecting paint. This type of paint uses a light-reflective technology to reflect light back into the room. Light reflective particles can reflect up to twice as much light, making the space seem brighter and more spacious.

#2 Mirrors

These have to be the best trick you can use. Along with the special paint above, bounce light around the room with the use of mirrors. Position the biggest one you can above your sink or vanity unit to really give an illusion of space and reflect as much of the light as possible. Even if the room is quite dark, this trick can make a huge difference.

#3 Tiling

If the bathroom is quite small, you might think you need to invest in small tiles but you’d be mistaken. The smaller the bathroom, the larger your tiles need to be. Instead of breaking up the space with smaller detail you allow the room to feel bigger with the addition of larger pieces. ideally use tiles in one colour or style across the whole of the room. Give the space a more continuous flow and you’ll soon see how you’ve made you’re room feel bigger.

#4 Colour Palette

This is a tricky one and something that is quite personal. Many people would tell you to avoid darker colours and in theory this is pretty true. Lighter colours, maybe pastels to tie into this year’s trends, will open up the room, but if you feel you want some impact with colour don’t be afraid to add some drama with an accent. Maybe some dark blue or green, with light shades from the palette always work well in a bathroom and as long as you use some of the other tricks I’ve mentioned you won’t feel too claustrophobic with your choice.

#5 Storage

Everything needs a home in a small bathroom, and the way to achieve this is by clever storage. Even if you can only fit a cabinet, or some shelves or a few baskets or pots, it will all be welcome and very useful, and help to keep your small room feeling neat and tidy. And clutter free.

#6 Decluttering

This is essential. Every few months go through your bathroom belongings and throw out anything old and unused. Sort and reorganise, using your storage more effectively to ensure your small room doesn’t become overcrowded and busy. The more streamlined it is, the more you’ll maintain that feeling of calm and space.

#7 Be Creative

With a small room, particularly a bathroom, you need to think creatively and use your imagination. Use pieces that you wouldn’t normally use for the space or function, add colour and storage in ways you might not usually, and generally create a room that works for you and your family, no matter how big or small it is.

Have I missed anything? Do you use any other tricks to make the most of your small bathroom? I’d love to hear about them if you do in the comments below. Make sure to tweet your favourite space saving tricks to @OFLOakFurniture!