Sleep Like A Dream On World Sleep Day


According to The National Sleep Council, we spend a third of our lives asleep – it’s a big time investment! But it’s also vitally important to help us stay healthy, happy, and enjoy the other two-thirds of the time we’re awake a bit more. In honour of World Sleep Day, […]

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Scandi Trends for Kids’ Rooms

molly meg teepee

  We don’t have a huge house and like most people, we don’t have an endless budget either, so when I do get the chance to redecorate a room, I get a little excited. As we are currently redeveloping the loft, there’s a knock on effect to other rooms. Consequently […]

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Hotel chic for your bedroom

Pink Boutique Suite Feature

A few weeks back I stayed at a swanky hotel for work. I’m usually more of a B&B or Airbnb type as I prefer quirky and homely interiors and homes with personality as opposed to ‘designed’ rooms. However, every once in a while it’s just lovely to indulge something a little more luxurious and have room service available, don’t you think? And that made me think.

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7 Creative Bedroom Ideas to Try This Weekend

feature image 1

When it comes to our bedrooms, most of us will naturally go with décor that’s calm and serene. And of course, that makes sense when we want our bedrooms to be a sanctuary away from the rest of our house – somewhere we can go at the end of the day and recharge our batteries. However, what often happens is that we try so hard to make our bedrooms look ‘calm’ that they can very easily cross the line to ‘boring’. And if there’s one thing that’s not very enjoyable at all it’s a boring, bland, flat room with no personality.

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Children’s Bedrooms in Small Spaces

loft beds

In an ideal world all bedrooms would be created equal. Children wouldn’t argue over who had the larger room, and as parents we wouldn’t stress over how to create a working bedroom in a small space. In our Victorian home, the third bedroom really is a box room, and our 7 year old is struggling to enjoy the space she has. I have learned from experience about how to make the best of a smaller kid’s bedroom, so would like to share my top tips in the hope of helping you, if you have the same predicament.

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Top Scandi Wallpaper for Tween Bedrooms

ferm herringbone

‘ve been spending a lot of time recently researching for a makeover at home. My eldest daughter is now 10 and would like a more grown up bedroom. Decorating a tween room is a challenge, and has to be done in conjunction with her likes and dislikes so seems to be taking quite some time. I’m proud to say, she is a fan of wallpaper and has been looking around for the perfect design. Thankfully she’s a fan of contemporary, sometimes retro prints so we have had quite a lot of fun sourcing our favourites. I thought it would be a great idea to share some of our best finds with you. Most of these are suitable for girls, but do come in alternative colourways that would be great for a boy’s room too.

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