How To Use Flowers For Spring


We all remember that scene in Devil Wears Prada where Meryl Streep says the famous line: ‘Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.’ Okay, so it might be a little bit cliche, but we’re embracing it! Who cares if it’s overdone – nothing says spring like flowers. Their appearance is sudden, stunningly plentiful, […]

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Bringing Positive Energy into your Home


Argh, it’s only January, it’s cold, it’s (mostly) grey, the parties are over, we feel ever so slightly down and any holiday is very far away… Could things be any bleaker? Really, it’s time to bring in some positive vibes. If we can’t change the weather, month or move to […]

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Organising Your Home for 2017


Oh dear, we’re in January. Possibly the cruelest month of the year. All the fun festivities are over, the decorations that made our home sparkle have gone, the happy (and sometimes manic) preparations for the festive seasons are a distant memory… What now? It does seem a little drab and […]

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January Detox for your Home


January is the time to re-evaluate our homes, organise things and tidy up. Sometimes, however, amongst all the decluttering, tidying, and redecorating, we can forget another important factor: detox. If you thought detoxing was all about drinking green juices and swearing off alcohol and sugar then you’re missing a big […]

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How To: Beat The January Blues

winter walk

Doesn’t Christmas already feel like a distant memory? The skies are grey, the credit card bill is high and January feels like the longest month of the year! With little to look forward to, news reports have us believing that the third Monday of the month is the gloomiest day of […]

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