Hardwood Furniture Materials Explained

close up of centre of wooden log

We’re passionate about hardwood furniture here at Oak Furniture Land, obviously. We even put in in our name! But what’s so special about hardwood furniture? Why have we created a whole business around it? Other than its striking naturally good looks, its strength and durability, simplicity to care for, versatility, […]

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Why Brown Is The New Black

Carson SOFA LIFESTYLE 1-edited-crop

What’s your favourite colour? It’s one of those questions everybody has an answer to. You pick your favourite colour somewhere around primary school and you stick to it, letting it guide everything from your toothbrush choice to your home décor. Blue is always popular, renowned as a very calming choice, […]

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Our Day At The Ideal Homes Show

IMG_9873-small (1)

The Ideal Home Show kicked off to a great start, with a scrummy champagne reception celebrating the fantastic people who worked together to make the Good Homes roomsets possible. We loved sharing a glass with the talented Kate McPhee, the stylist who pulled together our room looks, and it was […]

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